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We are now offering IGSHPA Certified Third-Party

Geothermal Inspector services! 

We provide geothermal inspecting and code enforcement services for residential and commercial geothermal systems! 

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We are here to assist you with all your third party geothermal inspection needs.


Our inspectors have attended specialized workshops in Geothermal Inspecting with IGSHPA, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, designed specifically for Code Enforcing Inspectors for city and state governments. 

Building a House

We can assist with the following inspections:

  • Residential Homes

    • Proper commission and function on new systems

    • Existing systems if the performance is not delivering or is broken and needs repaired

  • Commercial Systems

    • Flow rates

    • Energy output

    • Pipe sizes and pump selections

    • Antifreeze percentage and water quality

    • Functionality of the control system

    • Recommendations for improvement of system

House Construction
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